what kind of investment is required?


Exclusive Pet Profiler

- Understanding your needs & preferences to guide research + communications with pet providers


Brief 1-ON-1 Consultation

- Meet & get to know you

- Understand your further needs & requirements e.g. allergies, deadlines, waiting time, potential animal conflicts, aesthetic preferences etc.

- Communicate pricing outline

Kickstarter - ($75)

- Kickstarting the process of finding the ideal animal for you

- Progress payment for 3 hours of research either for relevant breeds based on your lifestyle OR specific breeders/pet profiles/ads with an animal that meets your particular preferences.


Initial consultation - ($115)

- 30-min consultation

- Acquiring and understanding specific requirements from your personal pet-profiler

- Time spent screening & liaising with breeders + comparing/highlighting those less expensive

- Finding specific animals based on information acquired through Pet Profiler & initial FREE consultation

- Time spent during the consultation itself


Follow-up consultations - ($100)

- 30-minute consultation

- Time spent liaising with providers + comparing prices

- Finding more suitable animals based on information acquired in the survey & initial FREE consultation

- Asking further information about the animal’s upbringing, health and logistical information

- Creating an extensive question list with additional considerations to communicate with the provider if they require communicating directly through the owner

- Time spent during the consultation itself


10% commission for final sale price.

**minus transport costs

- Additional time, research, support & advice not covered in the consultation fees

- Ongoing help and support provided w recommendations on local pet trainers, vets etc. after you’ve got the animal