steps towards adoption

1. 2-minute questionnaire (to understand your particular needs & preferences to guide our research & communications with pet providers)


direct email

- send your name, desired animal or breed/s, gender, colour, size, age, temperament (calm, active, friendly, sociable, easy-going...), ideal provider type (rescuer, professional breeder, family...), budget, housing type (house, semi, apartment...), home situation (kids & existing pets), contact info & any other essential information to

2. FREE 1-on-1 consultation -

- meet & get to know you

- understand your further needs & requirements e.g. allergies, deadlines, waiting time, potential animal conflicts, aesthetic preferences etc.

- find how you heard about petseeker

- communicate our price structure.

4. kickstarting the process -

- research suitable breeds based on questionnaire + other preferences (if unsure about breeds/mixed breeds)


- contact relevant providers with specific breeds/animals available.

5. follow-up consultation -

- provide specific breed recommendations

- or provide specific pet options from breeders/rescuers/other pet providers including: photos & videos of the animal (if possible) + a list of questions to ask the provider so they can get to know you & understand what makes you a suitable owner for the pet.

6. additional consultations -

- provide additional specific pet options from breeders/rescuers/other pet providers, if needed.

7. choose your pet.

8. communicate directly with the provider -


go through me (depends on provider's preference)

- discuss any other queries

- organise meet & greet or facetime to see animal, confirm logistics i.e. delivery or pick-up + organise payment

adoption complete, happy life!!

if you've got any questions or queries about the process, feel free to get in touch at:

0435 019 783