1. how do you screen breeders and other providers for reliability?

There are lots of scams out there with people posing as ethical breeders, pretending to offer animals and taking advantage of even sceptical buyers.

To prevent scamming and make sure all sources are legit, Petseeker first approaches well-established and credible rescuers and professional breeders like RSPCA, PetRescue & Dogzonline. When approaching online listings or non-registered websites such as those for mixed-breed animals or other, Petseeker reads reviews left by customers & providers' feedback history to find a track record of ethical practice and ensure they are completely trustworthy.

We also actively screen each provider by asking an extensive list of specific and targeted questions to manoeuvre any scam tactics or false information they may be utilising re the animal's health, parents, upbringing and connection to the owner. Petseeker also asks breeders to facetime prospective owners to show the animal and the environment they were raised in, or to allow in-person meet-ups to further verify the quality of the environment the animal is raised in & to allow the prospective owner to socialise with and understand the animal's specific temperament before adoption. If a breeder, rescuer or other pet provider does not pass some of the qualification processes mentioned above, they are discounted from the search.

2. can you help me find cheap desexing for my pet?

Desexing is an important and responsible step in the process of owning a pet - in some states, it can be a legal requirement. You can apply for low-cost desexing of your pet via the National Desexing Network. You can find all the details, including terms and conditions, on the National Desexing Network website. Your local RSPCA or Animal Welfare League branch may also offer low-cost desexing options - you will need to contact them directly to discuss.

2. Can you help me find behavioural advice for my dog?

Dog training can sometimes be a tricky step in settling your pup into their new home - in some cases, owners feel they need the opinion of a professional to help guide their dog training techniques. Petseeker recommends getting in contact with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT Australia) and checking out the number of events they hold throughout the year, as well as finding a training professional in your area. You can also find APDT Australia on Facebook.

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