-my mission-

to connect aussie companion-seekers with reliable & credible providers to find the perfect pet for their specific needs.

by understanding your specific needs, liaising with pet providers & offering options based on your personal requirements, petseeker makes pet-finding easy, reliable, transparent & tailored to you.

-who am i?-

Hi! My name's Adam. I've loved animals since I was a kid. experiencing such joy & happiness through walking, feeding, playing with & caring for my family dog Benson (a friendly Black Labrador), & other great experiences with pets in my life, I've seen the true value animals bring to the home, one's wellbeing & life in general!

Through COVID-19, I've witnessed the huge impact owning a pet can have, during periods of isolation AND in day-to-day life, as well as the profound effect owning a pet can have on fostering regular companionship, providing an enduring sense of connection, purpose, constancy & activity. By creating Petseeker, I hope to make it easier to access this companionship, reduce feelings of isolation & facilitate the same experiences of joy, connection, companionship & purpose for those seeking it that I have :)

why choose petseeker?

  1. Exposure to a comprehensive range of purebred animals, rescue animals, crossbred animals and more.

  2. Takes the hassle away from researching breeds, comparing, screening & contacting breeders, rescuers and other pet providers.

  3. Takes the necessary time and effort in finding the right forever pet for you & your family.

  4. Access to all major animals e.g. rabbits, hamsters...

  5. Free questionnaire & initial consultation to understand your specific needs & requirements.

  6. Best-price guarantee - Access to an extensive network of trusted pet providers & active price comparisons ensures you won't be able to find a pet of similar calibre from a reliable source for less.

  7. Trustworthy & reliable - Rigorous screening process sorts through all the scammers and verifies the legitimacy of each pet provider.

what sets petseeker apart?

  1. A focused collection of client preferences & thorough research of the pet market provides you with choice, drastically increasing the chance you'll be happy with your final selection.

  2. Outsources the research & initial communications with breeders to me.

  3. Is totally human, centralized, personalized and transparent.

  4. Finds hypoallergenic pets for allergy sufferers.

  5. Will suggest post-adoption resources for pet care such as pet training & supplies if needed.

  6. Post-adoption check-in provided to gauge satisfaction with my service & the suitability of your new pet.

Questions about the reliability of pet adoption?

click 'faqs' to ease your worries & find out how petseeker ensures reliability throughout our service!